The No-Cardio Cardio Routine

**permission given for cross-posting.

i was noticing how nice the sun felt outside today and realized that pretty soon that summer will be approaching (the shirts start coming off here in about 3 months). i also hear so many people cry, "i hate cardio". well, i have a confession to make, so do i. so, with fitness, strength, and abs in mind i set out to come up with something that doesn't involve me or anyone else treking countless miles doing roadwork or stuck on the treadmill.

so, without further delay, i give you the no-cardio cardio routine.

the breakdown:

day 1-workout a

day 2-no-cardio cardio

day 3-off

day 4-workout b

day 5-cardio

day 6-off


and here is our movements and set up.

workout a:

a)squat or front squat:3-5x3-6

b)bench or push press:3-5x3-6

c)seated or bb row(i prefer pendlay):3-5x3-6


d2)russian twist:4x10

workout b:

a)20 rep squat:1 set

b1)inc db press:4x12

b2)chins:4xnear failure

c1)power curl:4x8

c2)cable crunch:4x10

the no-cardio cardio:

a1)db swings:1x25 each arm

a2)overhead plate lunges:1x30 steps


a4)sledghammer swings:1x20

30 second rest interval between movements. 2 minute rest between each full circuit. work up to six circuits each no-cardio cardio day.

*overhead plate lunges done by holding a weight overhead (can be any kind of weight) and doing fast lunges.

*tire throws can be substitued for sledghammer swings if youd on't have a sledghammer. you'll pick up a tire from the ground, throw it, run over to it, pick it up and repeat for 20 steps.

questions, comments, criticisms?