Make Sure You're Eating Enough Calories

485 calories sounds just right for that food. why are you limited to 1200 calories? that's very low. there are few people who that is actually a healthy calorie level for. and you run, so your body needs extra.

if you really want to lose that weight and keep it off you need to take a healthy appraoch. if you take an unhealthy approach, such as eating low calorie, crappy food diet, your body is not going to react in a positive way. and even if the weight does come off, guess what? it's going to come back.

you have a lot of years ahead of you, and destroying your body now does not bode well for your future. a diet of healthy, wholesome foods with a slight calorie deficit every day will help you slowly lose fat, and it will stay off. your body can stay healthy and energetic for your runs.

and the calorie cycling mentioned above is a good point. your metabolism is probably already in rough shape. calorie cycling can help you lose fat and rebuild your metabolism.

i hope you'll take us all seriously here. we don't want to see you hurting yourself.